Monday, 3 March 2014

Wearable Gadget Review: Glider Gloves Review

The Glider Gloves are capacitive gloves that work with touchscreens on smartphones, tablets and laptops. The Glider Gloves come in two styles: the Winter Style is thicker and warmer while the Urban Style is thinner and more nibble. Each style offers several color options including Black, Grey, Olympian Blue, Phlox and more.
The Glider Gloves are designed to keep your hands warm while using your devices. These gloves may look like your regular gloves, they have conductive yarns that allow you to interactive with capacitive touchscreens through the fabric. In fact, while some gloves only have the conductive capabilities on the fingertips of the gloves, the Glider Gloves uses conductive material on the entire exterior surface so that you don't have to aim it just right to use a touchscreen. The Urban Style Glider Gloves are warm enough for fall or spring, and the Winter Style gloves are warm enough for the winter. The Glider Gloves come in four sizes and you can measure your hands and fingers and match them with the right sized gloves based on their website.

The Glider Gloves are made from nylon, acrylic, spandex and copper based conductive yarns. The gloves offer layers of protection and warmth that feature a conductive yarn mix on the outer a shell, a plaited and insulated middle layer, and a brushed acrylic inner layer that is soft on your hands. The double folded end seams help keep the heat in and prevent tearing.

The Glider Gloves in Urban Style feel very nibble when working with smartphones and tablets. The touches are responsive and work even on small targets on touchscreens thanks to the fact that the entire glove is conductive. You can easily punch out phone numbers, type up text messages or URLs on your phone while wearing the Glider Gloves. We tested them with a variety of smartphones, tablets and laptops with touchscreens, and found they worked with all responsively. In addition to glove and touch functions, the Glider Gloves also come with a small micro-fiber tag that you can use to clean the touchscreen on your phone or tablet.

The Glider Gloves has an additional layer of material on top of the exterior surface, and that's the anti-slip grip that covers both the palms and fingers (except fingertips) of the gloves. The anti-slip grip provides much better grip when you handle your device while wearing the gloves. In fact, it's a must-have if you don't want to drop your phone or tablet. As they're made with special materials, you should only hand wash the gloves with cold water and mild soap if they're very dirty, and lay them flat to dry.
The Glider Gloves are some of the most responsive conductive gloves for working with touchscreens. The gloves feel nibble, responsive and grippy. They come in two styles of thickness, four sizes to fit most hands and different colors. These unisex gloves are easy to use and easy to care for, and they're made with quality material and have durable construction.
Editor's Ratings (1-5): 4.5
What's Hot: Offers responsive and accurate touches, two different styles, many color choices and size options.
What's Not: Can't use fingerprint scanner.
Price: $24.99 Urban Style, $29.99 Winter Style
Web site: Glider Gloves
Reviewed by: Tong Zhang
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