Monday, 3 March 2014

iPhone Case Review: OtterBox Pursuit 20 Dry Box for iPhone 4/4s Review

The OtterBox Pursuit 20 is a dry box specifically designed for the iPhone 4/4s only. It offers complete protection from water for whatever's inside. However, it's a box not a case; so you won't be able to use your phone without removing it.
Size and Fit

The Pursuit 20 is just big enough to snugly swaddle an iPhone 4/4s enclosed in an OtterBox Defender case. The iPhone 5 series of phone will not fit unless you remove whatever case you are using. Be warned: although an unencumbered iPhone 5 will fit, it will not fit well, and will rattle around alarmingly as there is no shock absorption built-in to the Pursuit 20. There may be enough room to also hold something small like a few credit cards or a car key, but not much else.

Features and Quality

The Pursuit 20 is a well-made case, with a double compression latch enclosure to ensure complete protection from water. It also features reinforced edges for drop protection, and even has tiny little rubber feet to keep it from sliding around on flat surfaces. If you spend a lot of time on or around water but don't want the compromises that come with waterproof cases, the Pursuit 20 may be for you. However, now pay attention because this is important; it only works with the iPhone 4/4s. At first, I thought I must have received an older model for review purposes, but when I visited the OtterBox website, I found that, not only was the Pursuit 20 listed as a new product, there was no model designed for the iPhone 5/5s available for purchase. Perhaps the Pursuit 40 will work, but it is described as being designed for "Larger Android phones with OtterBox cases" so the iPhone 5 series would likely rest in the box unsecured as it is quite a bit smaller than most large Android phones.


The Pursuit 20 comes in black, blue, or expedition (clear). It's clearly designed with function in mind rather than style, but it still manages to look spiffier than most dry boxes I've seen thanks to its modern lines and pleasing accents.


If you own an iPhone 4/4s, use an OtterBox Defender case, and need complete protection from water while your phone is stowed away, The Pursuit 20 is tailor-made for you. That's a long list of caveats, however, which likely eliminate a large portion of iPhone owners from their target market, whether they know it or not.

Editor's Ratings (1-5): 2
What's Hot: Complete protection from water. Substantial drop protection.
What's Not: Inexplicably, only works with the iPhone 4/4s with OtterBox Defender Case.
Price: $19.95
Web site: OtterBox

Reviewed by Tom Slayton

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