Sunday, 2 March 2014

Animin to bring digital pets into the real world

East London game developers, Figure Games, are bringing what they believe to be the new generation of augmented reality gaming to smartphones and tablets, and are set to take the tech world by storm.
From feeding them, playing with them and, believe it or not, even administering medicine to them, the creatures of the new digital game, Animin, aren’t just any old companions. Using the latest augmented reality technology you’ll be able to set your digital pet loose into the real world, with the ultimate aim being to become a portal in which to communicate with friends and family.
Animin Director, Joe Kletz, says, “Our primary aim at Toy Fair is to creatively disrupt the toy industry, as we strongly believe there is such a clear space for a genuinely new digital pet that uses cutting edge mobile technologies in such a fun, social and innovative way.”
The idea behind the game itself is to continuously evolve your particular Animin creature. In order to do so you will have to take care of their food and medicine needs as well as play mini-games to keep them fit and in good condition. The healthier and happier your Animin is, the more Zef coins you will receive, and it’s these Zef coins that you use to unlock Evo tokens, which ultimately allow your Animin to evolve.
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Upon purchase you will receive a neatly designed Animin pack, which contains your specific creature. Then all that’s left to do is to download the Animin app on your tablet or smartphone and you can set your creature free into real-world environments.
Animin will be showcased for the first ever time at Toy Fair 2014, in the GreenHouse at London’s Olympia on 21 January.
Meanwhile, you can see Animin in action by clicking play on the video below, and watch this space for more news ahead of its full commercial launch later this year.

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