Sunday, 2 March 2014

A Halloween app-a-day keeps the ghouls away…

Skeleton suits, buckets of fake blood and Android smartphones at the ready, Halloween – October 31 – is very nearly upon us.
This means bobbing for apples, small people knocking on your door demanding sweets and huge pumpkins getting hacked to pieces. It also means a frightful slew of ghoulishly themed apps. Thankfully, the good people of MagicSolver are here to save Android users having to wade through the dross, by picking the best of the bunch with their fiendish Halloween app.
“Halloween 13: Free Spooky Apps” recommends the best and most spine-chilling apps, delivering one a day for free download for Android users, from the 19th October to the big day itself, October 31. And don’t freak out if you miss a day, the apps will stay available to download for whenever you get the guts to play them.
Using a crack editorial team, MagicSolver, the company behind the hugely successful Free App Magic, has been picking the bones out of the best horrifying apps the Google Play app store has to offer, so you don’t have to. This means you’re guaranteed only the creepiest graphics and most blood-curdling sound effects.
As well the free app-a-day, MagicSolver throws in 13 challenging mini games to keep Android users entertained while they wait for their treat to be delivered.
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Emmanuel Carraud, CEO of MagicSolver, told us: “Our new look 2013 app helps users get into the spirit of Halloween two weeks early. What better way to build up to this wicked day than by getting free apps, and thanks to our expert team all the apps are top quality; ones our users will come back to time and time again.”
Download the app for free on Google Play now. And don’t come crying to us if it turns your hair white…

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