Sunday, 2 March 2014

Actual Movie Trailers

2014 promises to be one of the biggest years for Hollywood in recent memory, showcasing a plethora of potential Academy-winners in the coming months. So how do we decide which ones we want to see throughout the year?
Introducing ‘Actual Movie Trailers’.
Often when searching for high quality movie trailers we find ourselves running into a number of frustrating situations, such as the dreaded ‘Movie Clip’ instead of an actual trailer. Or perhaps a tinny-sounding, low-resolution, waste-of-time trailer that puts you off the movie entirely.
Actual Movie Trailers, (much like the name suggests), delivers actual movie trailers right to your smartphone or tablet, accompanied by all the relevant, need-to-know details; Cast, Release Date, Genre, Director, etc.
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The app itself couldn’t be easier to use, with a swiping interface that lets users scroll through the movie posters of numerous films that have just come out or are on the cusp of worldwide release. You don’t need to visit external links to view the videos either; just a single tap on the poster and the trailer instantly begins playing. Wherever possible, the trailer is uploaded in 1080p FullHD, giving users the high-quality action that most of these films deserve.
What helps separate this from the rest of the movie clip/trailer apps out there, as well as its ridiculously user-friendly interface, is the fact that it pays as much attention to the indie film market as it does to the Hollywood blockbusters, keeping everybody satisfied.
One of the most entertaining and reliable movie apps available right now, and we are hard-pressed to suggest future improvements at this moment in time. Let this app be your guide to what critics are heralding as a game-changing year for Hollywood.

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