Sunday, 2 March 2014

Angry Birds Star Wars 2

Angry Birds Star Wars is back! Our feathered heroes have recharged their lightsabers for round 2, now with the addition of playable piggies of the empire – but will you join the pork side?
As the seventh Angry Birds game since the series launched back in 2009, Angry Birds Star Wars 2 should be just about flawless – but instead of concentrating on the kinks, Rovio have thrown in the proverbial kitchen sink with upgrades and abilities galore.
Let’s start with the positives, because there are loads of them. Angry Birds Star Wars 2 hasn’t simply been churned out to to continue the series, it’s crammed with smart ideas and lovingly designed characters from the Star Wars universe. Okay, so much of the creation is drawn from the disappointing prequel trilogy, but for every birdie Jar Jar Binks there is a Pig General Grievous or Jango Fett to keep you amused. Each of these characters come to life with their own unique abilities to learn and master – and yes, that means you can play as Good and Evil sides with separate missions for both.
As for missions, there are 120 to get through – each of them with new physics-based challenges to find a solution for. Obstacles include giant magnets which can wreak havoc on the environment, and gravitational fields which can pull you around the level and drag you into deep space. Whether its bird or pig, you must deploy your team wisely – knowing when to use the force and when to use Jar Jar Binks’ grappling hook tongue to the greatest effect.
It’s a shame that for all these great ideas ABSW2 feels overloaded, especially when it comes to in-app purchases. On top of those there are also collectible toys – or Telepods – which can be bought and thrown into the game using QR codes, following in the path of Skylanders and Disney Infinity. While it’s easy enough to complete the game without paying any more than the 79p it costs to download, if you want to use every character and earn three stars on each level, in-app purchases are a must. At this point, the lines between Angry Birds’ artistry and upgrade store is blurrier than ever.
Although the paid add-ons are a bit excessive, Angry Birds continues to show why it still rules the mobile gaming roost. These are detailed, addictive puzzles from the paired charms of Rovio and Lucas Arts.
Current version: 1.0.2
Requires Android: 2.3 and up

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