Sunday, 2 March 2014

How To Download Raw APK Files Directly From Play Store

You got your new device and want those pre installed apps to update. In addition to install those favorite apps. You go to Play store and put number of apps in download. Few moments later you realized for some reasons the apps were not installed properly. The entire excitement crumbles away.

So here is a little solution. There is a web application called APK Downloader that can let you download the APK files instead which you can side load in your device hence bypassing the Play Store error.

Here is a little catch here. The solution is valid only in case of apps which are free. So bad luck if you were thinking the “hacker’s way”.

Point your browser to Next open the app in the Play Store website which you wanted to download APK file of. The APK Downloader requires the package name of the application from the play store which can be found just after the ?id= section.

Here is an explanation. Say we wanted download the APK file of Twitter. The address of Twitter app in Play store is something like “
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“. The package name Twitter app is Just copy this and paste it in the APK downloader web application. The download link for the APK file should be generated.
This easy solution can be vital when everything else fails.

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