Sunday, 2 March 2014

Tado: The new SMART cost-efficient heating app

We are always looking for ways to cut costs on heating, especially during the winter months in big, old, poorly insulated buildings. Well as the saying goes, ‘There’s an app for that’.
Technology start-up Tado has developed possibly the smartest and most financially efficient heating app you will ever come across, and the good news is that they have recently launched it in the UK after enjoying success across Europe.
So just how smart is Tado? If apps could join Mensa…
Tado detects when the last person has left the house, with absolutely no user action required.  A signal is sent to the heating system to turn down the temperature. Amazingly, as soon as the user begins their journey back home, Tado reacts immediately and warms up the house accordingly
As if that wasn’t enough, Tado also recognises that buildings come in all different shapes and sizes, determining just how quickly your particular home cools down or how the sunlight influences it when setting the temperature.
The way the app works is that it sends a signal to a sleek looking Tado box (which you receive upon ordering), which in turn establishes a connection with the central heating system. It has been estimated that users will save around 27 per cent on heating costs and CO2.
The Tado Connector Kit hooks the heating system up to the internet and is available to buy with a lifetime service for £249, or you can rent it for £6.99 on a monthly contract. The Tado app itself is free on Android.
So with all the money you save with this handy little app, it might be time to start planning your next big spend!

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