Sunday, 2 March 2014

Sweet, sweet dreams with Netatmo Weather Station

According to the Great British Sleep survey, half of us experience trouble sleeping. If you’re one of the unlucky 50%, help is at hand from the Netatmo Weather Station – a product designed to help you to create the optimum conditions for peaceful slumber.
One of the key factors in ensuring a good night’s sleep is room temperature, with experts suggesting between 15-19°C to be the ideal range. The Netatmo, designed for use with your Android smartphone, allows you to monitor temperature, as well as humidity, air pressure, noise and CO2 levels. Pair it with a sleep monitoring app, such as the popular Sleep Cycle, and you can tweak conditions until you tailor your perfect atmosphere for a restful night.
Netatmo is made up of two modules; one for indoors and one for outside. You can access the data via the free dedicated Netatmo app or by looking on the website. It costs £139 and you can also purchase and install up to three additional indoor modules (£59 each), allowing you to monitor air conditions in multiple rooms around your abode.

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