Sunday, 2 March 2014


Pivvot is a thrilling two-button test in ‘strategic avoidance’, with obstacles that hurtle towards you in various intimidating shapes and sizes. Test your reactions in five different game modes set to a pulsing electronic soundtrack.
It seems like minimal puzzlers are all the rage at the moment, and here’s another beautifully simple challenge to get your head around. The controls are very basic – just tap one side of the screen to pivot in one direction, and the other will send you the opposite way while moving only in circular motions. As you speed along the track – twisting and turning as you go – new obstacles are introduced with different techniques for coming through unscathed.
The two main game modes are Voyage and Endless – both of which use this same game engine in slightly different ways. In Voyage mode there is a long and treacherous track to complete – lives are infinite and multiple deaths are inevitable, but the aim is to reach the end with the lowest number of fails. Endless mode is about lasting as long as you can without dying at all, improving on your best scores and aiming for targets set by the game. Perform well at both these game modes and unlock ‘Expert’ versions of each, and do really
well for a crack at ‘Beserk’ mode. We haven’t got there yet, which we suppose speaks volumes for how much shelf life the game has.
Having said that, priced at nearly £2 that’s to be expected. In truth, there’s some room here for the Voyage mode to be expanded with new challenges and the music – as good as it is – could be even more central to the game with a choice of songs.
Pivvot is a hypnotic and compulsive puzzle app with a striking design, but with so many apps of this type filling up the app store – could it be giving us more for our money?
Current version: 1.0
Requires Android: 2.0.1

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