Sunday, 2 March 2014

Introducing the truest Smartwatch of the future

As manufacturers continue to announce their own versions of the smartwatch, some may argue we are yet to see what exactly is so ‘smart’ about them.
After all, they still need to tether from smartwatch to smartphone in order to function. One can only succeed with the other.
Until now that is – as Canadian-based electronics company Neptune have created what looks to be the first truly ‘smart’ watch, a standalone Android wearable that does everything without the need to connect to a smartphone, (although that is still an option).
In terms of spec, the Neptune Pine is packed with a 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dual-core Cortex processor and can make phone calls using a quad-band GSM Radio with 3G network support. The watch runs Android 4.1 and features a 2.4”, 320 x 240 resolution screen.
Those that don the watch will notice that Neptune’s Pine is larger on the wrist than some of the other smart-watches on the market, featuring a QWERTY keyboard that would only be possible on a 2.4” screen. The teen team behind Pine are still tweaking the product to reduce the size before officially releasing it into the market.
Having raised eight times it’s original Kickstarter goal, Neptune are expecting around 2,500 units to be shipped throughout North America and Canada by the end of January 2014. The initial price tag for pre-orders on the Pine stands at $215 (£131) for the 16GB model and $262 (£159) for the 32GB.

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