Sunday, 2 March 2014

How to sync your iTunes library to your Android device

Like it or not, Apple is still king when it comes to music consumption. While many have tried to overcome it’s domination, it’s going to take a seismic shift for the masses to unchain themselves from their iTunes libraries.
However, if you’re an Android-user looking to sync your device to iTunes, then we have a very easy method we’d like to share with you.
By using Google’s very own Google Play Music, users are able to wirelessly stream tracks and playlists from various sources. First off you’ll need to download both the Google Play Music app on your Android device and the Google Play Music manager on your desktop.
You then have to sync your iTunes music to your Google Play Music account in a few simple steps;
Open the Music manager on your desktop and select the UPLOAD tab.You can then sync the whole iTunes library or select specific playlists.Remember that syncing them to your Play Music library doesn’t automatically download them to your device, so you can experiment as you please at this stage.Open Google Play Music app on your device and select ALL MUSIC from the drop down menu toward the top.Select MY LIBRARY to view the music currently in your Google Music Play library.This will now allow you to stream music via WiFi. However if you want to sync the music to your device, simply press on a song, album or playlist and select KEEP ON DEVICE.

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