Sunday, 2 March 2014

Help kickstart Monsieur: the artificially intelligent robotic bartender

Welcome to the future as seen through the lens of 80s sci-fi – Monsieur is an artificially intelligent robotic bartender that learns your drinks preferences with a companion app for Android and iOS.
A Kickstarter project with the noble aim of “reinventing the social drinking experience”, Monsieur is a retro-futuristic hardware that prepares drinks to their exact specifications, tailored to the no-doubt discerning tastes of its users. You’d hope they’d be discerning anyway, as prices for the robot Jeeves start at $1499.
“Enjoying cocktails and spirits is a fundamental component of social life for many Americans, but the overall social drinking experience has not been innovated in centuries,” said Barry Givens, CEO and co-founder, Monsieur.
“The goal of Monsieur is to redefine the social drinking experience by using smart technology to create a personal bartender, assistant and mixologist for everyone – providing an unmatched cocktail experience, anywhere you might be. We’ve also built in features to encourage responsible drinking by monitoring consumption, estimating blood alcohol levels and even helping users order a cab.”
That’s all well and good, we hear you cry – but where does the Android bit come in?
Well, owners of Monsieur can put their drink-ordering power in the palm of their hand. Featuring seamless integration with WiFi and Bluetooth, Monsieur harnesses intelligence to become your very own personal butler.
“We have combined cutting-edge innovations from robotics, home automation, and mobile and applied them to social drinking, one of the world’s favorite pastimes. The result is a new experience foreshadowed by futuristic views from the Jetsons,” said Dr. Paul Judge, chairman, Monsieur.
So there you have it, a fancy, american-made drinks robot inspired by the Jetsons. What a world we live in.
Intrigued by this brave new vision of ‘social drinking’? Check out the Kickstarter where you can pledge, find out more information and see Monsieur in action.

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