Sunday, 2 March 2014

Dailymotion unveils new Android app

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For those of you who have experienced Dailymotion before, or simply have a love for videos on the internet, we are pleased to announce that there is a brand new Dailymotion app for Android users.
The new design and layout offers users a far smoother navigation as well as high quality, uninterrupted playback of videos from a variety of (always entertaining) sources.
Whether you have a tablet or smartphone, the app is compatible across all mobile and tablet devices, providing optimal viewing and Full HD across a variation of screen sizes.
Developed by the Dailymotion mobile team in Palo Alto, the app is indeed synchronised with the Dailymotion website. One of the more handy features is that if you upload a video from a mobile device, it will immediately be available on users’ Dailymotion accounts on any other device.
The developers have also announced that there will be plenty more features planned for the months ahead, so Android users keep an eye out, and we’ll have further updates as soon as they’re available.
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You can download the app here.

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