Sunday, 2 March 2014

Boson X

If we were to tell you that Boson X is a scientific experiment in which you must generate energy to unearth strange new particles, it probably wouldn’t sound like your idea of fun. But then, most apps aren’t like this one.
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We’ve never been scientifically-minded here at Life of Android, although had our physics lessons been as imaginative and as furiously paced as Boson X it might have been a different story. Okay, so we might not have actually learned anything, but the game at least builds a tenuous scientific setting for its technicolor endless running.
Except the running isn’t endless, in fact, Boson X is a game with clearly defined objectives. While there is no exact finishing line or target distances, you must generate energy by running along the blue coloured platforms until your reading reaches 100 per cent. There are many obstacles in your path, of course, and you can dodge them by jumping from left to right by tapping either side of the screen – holding for a longer jump, and tapping both sides of the screen to leap straight forward.
While that basic control mechanism might not scream originality, somehow Boson X manages to feel different to the games which came before it. There are six levels – or experiments, as they’re know in the game – and each presents new challenges and brightens the action with a new visual style. The level design is bold and strangely familiar – having the look and feel of a gaming classic without completely ripping off its influences.
Boson X is a frantic endless runner with a scientific twist, injecting some much-needed originality into an increasingly tired genre.
Current version: 1.0.26
Requires Android: 2.3.3 and up

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