Friday, 28 February 2014

What’s the best wireless home office phone (with headset support)?

It’s about time I stopped using the noddy BT wireless phone when I’m working at home. I often have to participate in lots of conference calls so I really need a headset. Not only is it useful to be able to bash away on the keyboard during a call to make notes, it’s also a lot more comfortable.
I could, of course, make use of all sorts of mobile gadgetry but I value the standard landline telephone connection much more when I’m doing conference calls. I don’t want to be the arse that regularly cuts out thanks to the occasionally patchy mobile signal. It’s not ideal when you’re participating in board meetings and dropping out. So my mobile phones are out.
I’d like to use a decent, comfortable headset. But the first problem I have is that the noddy BT landline DECT devices don’t support headsets.
The actual phone line is at the other side of the house so I need to be able to wirelessly transmit from there. And still use a headset.
The next question is what kind of headset to get. Probably a Plantronics one, yes?
Any suggestions for decent DECT phones that support headsets? And any suggestions for headsets?
Update 2: I think Amazon knew I was coming after this recommendation from gcatteral in the comments:
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