Friday, 28 February 2014

Esendex Makes Big Moves in the SMS Market with Text Marketer Acquisition

I love it when people tell me that SMS is dead. I always give a little smile and agree that yes, my wife and I do communicate more on WhatsApp or iMessage than by text nowadays. However, the reason I smile is because I think about the likes of Darwin Private Equity who invested £11 million in Esendex back in the summer – I bet they don’t think that SMS is dead.
That’s because it isn’t dead of course. Messages between individuals (peer-to-peer) may have dropped, but the business SMS market is booming. And now Esendex is using part of its new cash reserves to buy Text Marketer, another business SMS player – albeit one that is focused on the other end of the industry.
This looks like a good move by Esendex. It already has the high-service end of the market sewn up – working with the likes of Ocado, Virgin Media and Gatwick Airport. Now they can tick off the high-quality, low-cost end of the market too!
The Esendex team seems quite bullish about the whole thing. Geoff Love their CEO says:

Good luck to Geoff and his team. And congratulations to the Text Marketer guys as well!
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