Sunday, 5 May 2013

You tube for android phone Totally free +APK

The most popular video broadcasting area is youtube .   With over 3 billion Youtube videos watched every single day and 48 hours of footage uploaded every single minute to the world’s most popular video sharing website we wanted to produce a useful guide for getting the most out of the service.
 you can get much more out of Youtube…

1. Leanback
2.   Disco  
3. Charts
4. Create Editor  
5. Creative Commons
 6. Annotations  
7. Captions And Subtitles  
8. Watch Later  
9. Quiet Tube Live  
10. Watching Videos On Your TV
 11. Stabalize Your Videos 
12. Youtube Test Tube 
13. Creators Corner 
14. Tube Radio
 15. Feather Mode
 16. Audio
17. Swap Check
 18. Your You tube Speed
  19. Youtube Gadget    To know more .......

Download link : Youtube free APK 

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