Friday, 30 August 2013

Some important apk files for first android user

I give some apk files for first time android user it will help to get enjoy and put your device strong . there are some games ,tools , adobe reader to read books ,math solver,juice defender to protect your device ,opera mini browser, file converter to convert file , bar code scene r, cell tracker ,dictionary English to English but need internet  to download data,set CPU  meter . All the apk is real not fake download and enjoy it .

1.Download link :All the files storage in media fire .
2.JuiceDefender Ultimate-356  http:/Tool to protect your device
3.Self Cure-7
5.File Converter Free(2)
6.Cell Tracker
7.Opera Mini Next-22
8.Math Test
9.File Converter Free
10.cambridge advanced learner dictionary (1.3.1) 
11.adobe reader_1011
12.Unicorn Dash-1

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