Saturday, 26 January 2013

How to use Qubee Modem

Are you a first user of Qubee Modem in your pc but you don’t connect your modem. So no tension guys .Today I will give full information about how to use Qubee modem . Please follow the instruction step by step.

At first connect your modem via USB cable in your pc then a software will install in your pc  . A Qubee modem interface will show on your pc that picture has given below.

Follow the picture
  1. click the Menu which is shown by (1)
  2. After click the Menu, it will show the setting. Then you click the setting.
  3. In the easy way Menu >Setting >Authentication
  4. Then use your ID and Password
  5. click OK
  6. Finish

Then you click the button and it will be scanning a few second after it will be connected.  
So now you can use internet fairly. But if you want to how much speed ,MB, download speed ,how much time using Data receive etc . So follow the picture


  1. Menu >Setting >Preferences
  2. “Auto start when the computer starts” Enable it
  3. “Auto connect” Enable it
  4. “Enable sound” As your wish

connection info:

  1. Menu >Setting >connection info
  2. Status “ connected”
  3. “Duration” How much time do you use it
  4. “speed” How much speed
  5. ‘Speed” Qbubee company give you

Network info:
  1. Menu >Setting > Network info
  2. IP address
  3. Subnet Musk
  4. DNS server
  5. MAC address


Here you can know how much data you used

  1. Select From …………….., To …………………….,
  2. Keep event log for Two weeks or one month
3.      Then it will show below the use age of your MB. 

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